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Alg2Chat Topics and Questions

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September 16th - Interactive Notebooks


1.  Introduce yourself, where and what you teach

2.  How familiar are you with Interactive Note Books (INBs)

3.  What do you see as the advantages or disadvantages of INB?

4.  What are some left-hand side activities you’ve used with your kids?

5.  What are some challenges you see with using INB?  

6. What resources would help you as a user of INBs?

7. What feedback do you receive from your students re INBs?

8.  What is your best tip for a new INB user?



September 9th  - Standards Based Grading  


1.  Introduce yourself, where and what you teach

2.  How familiar are you with Standards Based Grading (SBG)?  

     Have you used SBG in other courses?  

3.  What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of SBG?

4.  What triumphs and challenges have you had with SBG?

5.  If you use SBG, how did you develop your list of learning targets for Algebra 2 SBG?  

6.  How many learning targets do you average per quarter?  

7.  How have parents/students/admin responded to the use of SBG?



August 26th- Transitioning to Common Core 



Q1: Is your school following the integrated or traditional pathway in the CCSS for Math?

Q2: What resources (if any) has your school/district provided for this transition?

Q2a: Do you have a new textbook and if so which one?

Q3a: What professional development has your school provided around this transition?

Q3b: What other professional development have you had around this transition?

Q4: What are the big ideas (as you see them) in the Algebra 2 Common Core Standards?

Q5: Does your school or department have a vision for linking the Algebra 1 and 2 courses under the CCSS?

Q5: What shifts do the CCSS make in the Algebra 2 curriculum for your course?

Q6: Have your state assessments changed?  If so, how?  If not, when will they?

Q7: What resources do you have access to for the shifts in curriculum?

Q7b: What resources would you like to see?



 August 19th - Inaugural Algebra 2 Chat







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